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    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Rainy Day - Chapters Three & Four (NC-17)

    Still not gonna fix the typsetting on this... sorry.


    Kara swayed toward him as he plunged his fingers into the silky softness of her hair. It seemed as though neither of them was willing to take the final step until Kara pulled his head down and fastened her lips to his. The effect was shocking as they tasted beer and wine. Rick enveloped her in his arms and she strained to melt into him.
    They stood with mouths a breath apart, contemplating. Rick took a deep breath and loosened his hold on her. Kara licked and then bit her lower lip drawing Rick’s attention there. She stepped closer and tilted her chin to look at him. Rick bent to kiss her again and as her tongue met his again, there was no turning back. He crushed her against the wall, grinding himself against her, his hands running up the back of her legs to cup her cheeks, sliding his fingers under body-warmed silk. He picked her up and she fit her legs around his waist.
    Kara felt his desire pressing into her groin as she slipped lower on his hips. Rick turned instinctively toward the only other doorway left. Finding the edge of the bed with his legs, he turned and collapsed backward on it. Kara raised from her position and began unbuttoning her shirt. She spread it wide and he pulled it from her shoulders. Rick fastened on a straining nipple through the lacy material sending a wave a pleasure through Kara.
    She groaned, threading her fingers through the thick salt and pepper hair. His hands moved up her back, sending goose bumps onto her arms. With a few flicks her bra came loose and he slid it from her breasts. He tested their weight in his hands and licked a nipple, mesmerized by the way it puckered under his touch.
    Kara prompted him with gentle pressure and he laved her breasts with his tongue, settling on first one nipple then the other, tugging and sucking, reveling in her moans of pleasure. Rick unzipped her skirt then laid her on her back. He kissed his way down her ribs to the edge of her skirt which he pulled from her body as she raised her hips toward him. He licked along the edge of her underwear which rode dangerously close to her pubic bone.
    “Come here,” she whispered. He met her request and settled himself full-length against her. Kara’s hands went to his shirt. She deftly unbuttoned it and pulled it from him. First running her hands through the thick mat of hair, she then buried her face into it. Rick allowed her full access as she rose onto her knees and kissed down the center of his washboard stomach, following the hairline. His cock hardened further as she swirled her tongue into his bellybutton.
    Kara pulled the edge of his belt loose and unbuckled it as she gazed back at him. Rick’s breath came in short bursts as she unbuttoned his slacks and pulled them and his underwear down, exposing him. She caressed his legs before removing his shoes and allowing him to kick his trousers off. Licking the inside of his leg from instep to groin, she watched him flinch as she rolled her breasts over his prick.
    Keeping eye contact, Kara lowered herself between his legs and pulled a swollen testicle into her mouth. Rick groaned and raised himself onto his elbows as she spread his legs wider. A light sweat ran along the edge of his brow and he fished behind him for pillows. Finding several, he stuffed them under his shoulders and head. He stroked Kara’s hair as she moved to the other side. She took his cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the edge. He hadn’t felt like this in a long time. Rick bucked and she watched his eyes slide close, then open again as she stroked him. Kara didn’t think she had ever seen a body as perfect as his. She slid her hands under his butt and massaged him, pulling him deeper into her mouth. Rick suddenly grasped her face and pulled away. His eyes were hooded with desire.
    He slid her up his body and kissed her, smelling his musky scent on her face. Rick laid her beside him and traced the curve of her neck with his lips. His hand traveled up her inner thigh and gently he placed his hand over her warm hump and massaged downward, feeling her heat and moisture. Kara released a sigh and felt tingles roll up her body. She waited for him to slowly make his way past her breast, down her stomach, which tightened as he crossed it and the incredible burning within as he kissed the crease of the legs.
    Rick breathed hot air onto her and starting at her bellybutton, licked a line down to her underwear and he slid them away. She opened herself to him, shaven except for a small tuft of fuzz that protected her clit.
    Kara waited and willed him to lick her.
    “I can’t wait any longer.” She moaned. Something had to happen. She was so hot she felt she would burn from the inside out. His tongue flicked against her clit.
    “Oh, yes,” she gasped. He stroked her lips and eased them apart. She waited breathlessly until his tongue laved her. Helpless against the pleasure, she pressed herself closer to him.
    Rick stuck his tongue inside, tasting her hot juices. He traced the edge and slid his finger inside her. She bucked against him. He slid the second and third fingers in.
    “I want your cock in there.” Rick suckled her clit and stuck his fingers deeper inside. Kara found his rhythm and thrashed in ecstasy.
    “Come for me sweet Kara. Cream in my mouth.” He urged her, swirling his tongue around and around her swollen love button. She rammed her wet pussy onto his hand and he felt her tight muscles contract. Kara moaned deeply then cried out. Her pussy contracted around his fingers, her body pulsed with pleasure, Rick watched her shoulders arch, her breasts thrust into the air.
    Kara sagged back to the bed, while Rick stroked her abdomen, rib cage, and then her breasts, his lips dipping to suck her nipples. She took his cock in her hand as she slid her tongue into his mouth. She kissed and sucked in rhythm to the increasing tempo of her hand. He placed his hand over her’s and slowed her strokes.
    “You’ve got to stop. I want to be inside of you.”
    Rick pulled Kara on top of him and she slid her wet pussy the length of his cock, swivelling her hips, teasing the head before lowering herself onto him. She winced in pleasure and pain as he watched his cock sink into her Rick threw his head back and moaned, gritting his teeth against his orgasm .
    “Oh, Kara, you are so sweet and tight.”
    She leaned over him, giving him access to her breasts, the nipples hard and large as marbles. He suckled as his cock drove into her. She found his rhythm and whispered and moaned in his ear. Rick didn’t understand anything she said, just that it made him harder.
    “I’m gonna come sweet Kara.” His words seemed to jolt her and she pumped him harder and he felt her muscles contracting and she cried out, her head thrown back.
    Rick responded with his own hoarse groan as he emptied into her, his prick jerking and jerking. Kara collapsed on his sweaty chest, her lips grazing his neck. He rolled to the side and relaxed, still inside her.

    The room was a pearly gray when he woke, lit by a singular nightlight and the faint glow of the clock which read 5:35, his normal waking time. He shifted and bumped against Kara who was curved on her side. A slim leg rested on top of the coverlet. Rick eased out of the bed and went to the hall closet where he found stacks of neatly folded towels. He chose a light yellow one and went in to take a shower.
    Dismay darkened his face as he realized she only had citrus body wash. He looked in the cabinet and went back to the linen closet where he found some small bars of Dial, obviously from a hotel. Rick stopped himself, pondering the fact he had just rummaged through her personal items. He almost felt guilty, like had read her diary or something. He turned on the shower, adjusted the spray and stepped in.
    The sound of water running in the pipes made Kara sit up in the bed, disoriented. Then she remembered and collapsed backward, a contented smile on her face. She never wanted to move again. Kara bit her lip as she replayed the previous day, beginning to end.
    Rick’s lovemaking was intense and passionate. She had never been so hot and ready. It was shocking how she had climaxed with his tongue on her. The night had been full of new experiences. Thinking about it made her want it again. She shook her head as if telling herself no and got up to make coffee.
    Rick had thought of nothing but the night before as lathered himself. Passing a hand over his groin, he remembered the teasing, nasty way Kara had looked at him as she went down, like she wanted to show how much she enjoyed it. He felt himself stiffening and quickly washed off. Drying his hair, he wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped into the hallway.
    Kara heard the water stop and waited, glancing toward the bathroom every few moments. She jumped regardless when the door opened and Rick stepped out, water droplets still glistening on his furry chest. She grinned as he sauntered down the hallway. Meeting him at the edge of the kitchen, she peeked up which was enough invitation to kiss her.
    “Is that coffee I smell? So early?”
    “Of course, can’t get going without a java jolt.”
    “Is that so?” He questioned, stroking her back down to the curve of her hip. Kara rubbed against him.
    “Well, anything strictly intellectual.”
    He thought she looked beguiling with her hair hanging around her shoulders a complete mess, her long legs sticking out of a faded T-shirt, the logo of a local radio station stenciled across one breast. The makeup she had worn earlier had been rubbed away, leaving unblemished skin and a smattering of freckles across her nose.
    The towel rode low on his hips. The narrow band of hair disappearing below the edge drew Kara’s eye. She ran a finger its length, tracing the contours of his muscular stomach. Splaying her hand, she wove her fingers in the taunt curls and tugged gently. A hand cupped a buttock, fingers plucked at a nipple, their lips found each other.
    Kara came up on her toes and pressed full length against him. He stroked curly, untamed hair away from her neck as he bit and sucked along her collarbone. They swayed across the floor, lost in each other, bumping into the counter. Rick pulled her shirt over her head, capturing her hands and exposing her breasts.
    He circled her left nipple with his tongue, blew and then sucked on it as it began to pucker. Kara gasped and struggled but he held firm. She writhed against him, moaning as he fastened on her other nipple, flicking it with his tongue. He released her arms and flung the shirt away. Grabbing her around the waist he set her on the counter and easily recaptured her wrists, pinning them with one hand against the cabinets.
    Kara circled his hips with her legs, riding the towel until it fell. She felt him on her thigh and she wiggled, trying to get closer to him. Rick teased her though, stroking the inside of her thigh to her love button. He kissed her almost viciously and she met him undaunted.
    Feeling her moisture, he whispered, “Do you like that baby?”
    Kara trembled at his words, “Yes, oh yes,” her voice husky.
    He stroked her and plunged his tongue into her mouth using the same rhythm as his hand. She pulled away, gasping for air as an orgasm rocked her. Rick, keeping a finger on her, released her hands, placed himself against her hot wetness and drove deep inside her. A guttural sound came from Kara and he pulled her to the very edge of the counter.
    She suddenly gripped him by the face and dominated him with a kiss then placed her forehead against his.
    “Look at me.” Rick raised his eyes and there he saw the wantonness in her. He assaulted her breasts, leaving one eye cocked upwards. He felt his testicles tightening and her breath came in shallow rhythms.
    “Look at me when you come.” Her words sent him over the edge and balancing on his toes he bucked three times. They closed their eyes in shared ecstasy.
    He rested against her as she rested against him, their arms draped over each other. Kara’s head was tucked under his chin and she stroked his back. Rick took a deep breath and backed away, slowly breaking their connection. He retrieved the towel and pressed it between them, kissing Kara while doing so.
    “So much for your shower,” she quipped.
    “All the better to take one with you my sweet.” He teased. She hopped off the counter, sashayed down the hallway and grabbed two towels from the closet.
    “I’ll be just a minute.”
    “Take your time,” Rick called. He searched the cabinets, found a mug, poured some coffee and wondered what he was getting into.
    Kara used the bathroom and stripped her shirt off. Glancing in the mirror she saw the state of her hair and shook her head in amazement. She didn’t know how she was going to make it through the day. Exhaustion showed in the faint circles under her eyes. It was the best kind of weariness though.
    She’d never experienced anything like this. Kara wondered what Dan would think. Smiling, she figured he’d say it was about time.
    Rick’s knock startled her. She opened the door and turned to start the shower. They jumped in together. Rick slap-dashed his way through and got back out saying he’s had his time.
    Kara was grateful for the hot water that splashed over her. She washed her hair and took time to soap between each toe. It was silly but it made her feel good.
    Rick wandered into the bedroom after retrieving his coffee. Clothing was strewn over the floor and on the bed. He was putting his socks on when he noticed the picture. It was a 5X7, set on its side. It was definitely Kara, but a different Kara.
    Her hair was shorter and hung in a limp ponytail. Her eyes were red-rimmed, swollen and soulless. In her arms was a tiny, tiny baby and a look of devastated, painful love on her face.
    Rick looked up and spied another photograph on the chest. He walked over. She was holding the baby in her hands, looking down at it. He could see tears glistening on the cheek toward the camera. Where was the father? Did he take the pictures? Or did she endure this tragedy alone? He heard the water stop and replaced the frame. How did she survive this?
    Rick was dressed when she came out in a fluffy orange towel. He had a strange look on his face.
    “What’s wrong?”
    He broke out of his daydreaming, “Nothing, just hoping to give you a lift to work.”
    “Actually, I need a ride to my car. Then I’m going to stop and buy a shitload of gift bags because there’s no way I’m wrapping all those gifts. I’ll probably take a few to the hospital and drop the rest at the house.”
    “Ah, Ms. Organized.” She dressed as she spoke, choosing a flattering light green short-sleeved shirt made like a jacket and a matching skirt. Hose was not an option as she slid her feet into open-toed sandals that made her two inches taller.
    “What time is it?”
    “A little after 7:00.”
    “Am I keeping you?” She glanced up while buckling her ankle strap. Rick drug his gaze from her legs.
    “No, not at all.” They were ready to walk out when Kara stopped.
    “I forgot my makeup.”
    “You don’t need it.”
    “I have to cover my freckles up.”
    Rick kissed her nose, “Your freckles are adorable. Let’s go.” Not giving time for an argument, he guided her out in front of him. When they arrived at the garage, he followed her in.
    “That’ll be $107.42, Ms. Rogers.” Before she could open her checkbook, Rick produced a credit card. Kara stared at him.
    “Put it on this.” Kara zipped her purse and smiled at the mechanic.
    “Yes, sir.” Rick thought at first she was being gracious until he realized the clicking sound was coming from her teeth grinding together. Rick signed the receipt and the mechanic handed the keys to Kara.
    “Have a nice day.”
    “You too.” She was cream and sugar.
    Kara rounded on him when the door closed and they were out of earshot.
    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Her brown eyes gouged him like twin wooden stakes.
    “I’m just helping you out.” He replied.
    “What makes you think I want or need your help?”
    “Because I’m getting ready to hire your boss, I don’t have room in my staff to hire you and that means you are about to be unemployed.” They stood toe to toe. Even with two inch heels she still had to look up to him but it didn’t seem to intimidate her in the least.
    “I can take care of myself.”
    “That’s obvious. I sort of like you in case you didn’t notice.”
    Kara digested that. Wondering again what she was doing. She had been getting along fine and now this man had snuck in and insinuated himself in her life. It went against everything she believed in to accept money from him. Maybe it was just his arrogant way. Then again, few people had been generous with her. It was a new concept.
    Rick ran a hand through his thick hair. He felt like he was coming off like a pimp or worse, geez, like he was paying her for last night. The thought had hopefully not crossed her mind.
    “I’d like to pay you back when I get another job.” He studied her upturned face and pecked her on the nose.
    “Take your time.”
    “Thank you.”
    “You’re welcome.”
    It was not lost on him that she had waited until they were alone to unload on him. No one had heard their conversation, and they didn’t look out of the ordinary. He admired that.
    “I’m off to the Piggly-Wiggly for gift bags.” Kara opened the car door and he held it.
    “I don’t have your number, Ms. Rogers.” She hesitated for a moment then opened her purse and searched for a pen. She wrote a number on the back of a receipt and handed to him. Rick bent into the car and gave her a lingering kiss.
    “I’ll call you.”
    “Then I guess I’ll talk to you later. Have a good day.”
    “The best.” They held each other’s eyes, both reluctant to go. He shut her door and watched as she drove away. Rocking back on his heels, he wished he had found the right moment to tell her he was married.


    Kara floated into St. Marks with two large bags covered with storks and balloons. The elevator dinged and people poured out. She squeezed in between some doctors and other visitors and asked for the 4th floor. Her bags caught on someone’s leg as she brushed past them and she excused herself. An intern held the door then watched her practically skip down the hallway.
    Checking at the guard desk, she received a pass and marched through the electronic doors, turned left and looked for 424. Kara peeked in the door, knocking softly. Maggie turned and waved.
    “Hey, mama, how goes it?”
    “I’m a little sore.” Maggie shifted in the bed, her hand trailing on the see-through bassinet. Kara saw a shock of dark hair and blue blankets. Drawn, she moved to peer around the bundling. He looked like Dan, that she could see, but his coloring was his mother’s.
    “Would you like to hold him?” Kara almost jumped out of her shoes. Laughing at herself, she answered by picking Christopher up and turning him, his feet pushing into her ribs. His little mouth yawned and his eyes opened. Transferring him into the crook of her arm, Kara cradled his tiny head against her shoulder.
    “Hey there big guy.” Kara was surprised to hear her voice wavering. Christopher’s eyes slid closed again and he smiled a new, gassy smile. Unbidden, tears pricked her eyes. She’d promised herself she wasn’t going to cry yet here she was getting ready to blubber.
    “He’s beautiful.” The words barely made it out in a whisper.
    “The flowers are wonderful.”
    Kara brushed her eyes and looked around. A large bouquet sat in the windowsill. It dwarfed two others sitting beside.
    “Dan was mad when we first got it because it made his look shabby,” Maggie laughed, “then he saw who it was from. I guess you’re forgiven.”
    Kara stroked Christopher’s dark hair and smiled.
    “So, what’s up with the ‘Kara and Rick’ thing?”
    “He was there when Dan called so he ordered for both of us.”
    Kara glanced over her shoulder at the remark. Maggie’s eyebrows had disappeared under her dark bangs and Kara felt herself blushing.
    “Oh, something happened.”
    “Tell me, tell me, tell me.” Maggie gushed.
    “We went out to dinner and he helped me shop. There’s your booty.”
    Maggie picked up one of the bags and the women spent an hour gushing over the gifts and every movement of Christopher.
    “He’s a bruiser. My finger is smashed flat.” Kara teased her.
    “He’s a healthy boy.”
    “I’m so happy for you.”
    Maggie took her hand and squeezed it.
    “Thank you for all of these things.”
    “Oh there’s more.”
    “More,” Maggie was incredulous, “my God you bought half of Baby Gap.”
    “Rick wouldn’t let me say no.”
    “So what gives with you and Mr. Ingram anyway? I can tell something happened.”
    Kara shrugged and tried to look innocent.
    “We had a good time.”
    “You slept with him didn’t you.”
    Kara tried to decide whether to lie or not.
    “Yeah, I did. And it was so good.” She smiled at Maggie.
    “You did? Oh my gosh and he is a hunk!” Maggie squealed.
    “You can say that again.”
    “He’s a hunk.” Both women laughed and Kara stood to leave.
    “I really have to go to the office. I’ll be dropping off more things tomorrow.”
    “More things? Christopher has enough to last the first year.”
    “Then he’ll have enough for the second year.” Kara laughed. As she rode the elevator down, she couldn’t help but think how good she felt.
    She walked into the office and listened to the messages as she straightened the files up. The last two were from Rick and she gazed into space as his voice came over the speaker.
    “Hi. Guess you’re not in yet. I was calling to ask you to dinner tonight. Call me at 555-4141 when you get in.” She listened to it three times before she let the last message play.
    “Hi. I’m missing you and hope you didn’t get lost in Piggly-Wiggly. I’d really like to have dinner tonight. Call me.”
    Kara picked the phone up and dialed. It was answered on the first ring and she waited while they patched her call through.
    “Hey handsome. Heard you missed me.”
    “I was beginning to wonder.” He laughed.
    “I spent some extra time with Maggie. She loved our gifts and thought we did too much.”
    “I’m glad. So, are you free for dinner?”
    “I’d love to.”
    Rick could hear the smile in her voice.
    “Should I pick you up at seven?”
    “That would be great.”
    “Where to this time?”
    “I don’t get out much so surprise me.”
    Rick laughed, “In that case, wear something nice.”
    “I can hardly wait. Seven seems like a long time.”
    “I know but there’s no way I can get away any quicker or I would. I’d much rather have dinner with you than prepare for depositions. I’ll see you at seven.”
    “See you then.” They said goodbye and hung up, both with grins on their faces.
    The day did indeed drag and Kara’s computer was still being contrary. Dan called in and thanked her for the gifts. She cleared his calendar which took most of the afternoon but by four o’clock nothing else needed to be done.
    Kara closed the office and went home. She greeted her felines and went to take a long bath. Sinking into the water, she sighed. It was so nice to be noticed again. Nice couldn’t describe it. It was so much more than that and it wasn’t in the construction-worker-whistling sort of way either. This was real.
    Kara dried off, slathered herself with lotion and laid down in the bed. She only meant to rest for a moment.
    She awoke to the sound of the doorbell.
    “Oh no. Hold on!” She threw her damp towel around her and raced to the front door. Rick was leaned against the doorway, his tie loose.
    “Well, well.”
    “I fell asleep. I’ll be ready in just a few minutes.” Kara darted away from the door as Rick laughed.
    Kara threw on some clothes from the closet, a nice black number with a zipper running up the back. She sprayed body mist and went to the hall closet and tossed out a pair of shoes. The shoes announced her arrival in the living room. Rick sat rubbing Stormy under the chin. Both looked content to stay where they were.
    “You look like you’ve settled in for the evening.”
    “Not quite, although Stormy is making a point about relaxing.” He walked over and kissed her.
    “You look beautiful, good enough to eat but first some real food.”
    “You flatter me.”
    Rick chose a small Greek restaurant with lighted candles at the tables.
    “I hope you like Greek.”
    “Well, I’ve never tried it. I don’t get out much.”
    Rick looked over a basket of bread at her.
    “You said you lived in Georgia. Is that where you grew up?”
    “I grew up all over. I’m an Air Force brat.”
    “Your parents live in Georgia?”
    “They live in Arizona. I have sister that lives in Cleveland but we’re not close. We all chose our own corner of the world. Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
    “I have one of each. My brother is an engineer and my sister is a nurse.” Their conversation was interrupted by their waitress bringing their dinner.
    “This is delicious,” Kara said.
    “I’m glad you like it.”
    They ate in relative silence and passed on dessert.
    “Are you ready?” Rick asked.
    “Yes, I’m done.”
    They rode in Rick’s Mercedes with the top down. Kara kept looking at him, wondering if he would come in when he took her home.
    “I thought you’d like to see my place.”
    “I’d love to.” Well, she thought, maybe I’ll go in with him. He parked in front of a large condominium and opened the car door for her. He steered her toward the door with a hand on the small of her back. It burned through her dress. He slid the key into the door and pushed it open. Cream wall-to-wall plush carpeting accented the mahogany furniture. A large Native American print dominated the wall over a gas fireplace.
    “It’s beautiful,” Kara said, “I love that painting.” She walked toward the fireplace. Rick stripped off his business coat and threw it across the top of an overstuffed chair.
    “I picked that up in New Mexico. I loved the colors.” He admired the slim muscles in her legs as she tiptoed to get a better look at it.
    “The warriors always look so fierce.” She turned to find him advancing, eyeing her like a panther who stalks his prey. They stared at each other for a moment before Rick broke the reverie.
    “Would you like a glass of wine?”
    “Yes, but just half a glass for me.”
    He brushed his lips across her temple, sending a pleasant tingle down her body.
    “Come see the rest of the house.”
    Kara went into each room, overwhelmed by the richness of the things she saw. She could not help but think of a few nasty things she’d like to do on the king size bed. Rick called to her from the kitchen and she bumped into him in the hallway.
    “I’m just coming to get you. Did you see the upstairs?”
    “No, I didn’t get the opportunity.”
    “You can see it later. I’m looking forward to propping my feet up with you.” Kara regarded him quizzically. Rick tossed his shoes off and propped them up on the coffee table and patted the spot beside him.
    “Come on, those shoes can’t be comfortable.” Kara slid them off and slid back into the crook of his arm.

    Rick woke with a kink in his neck and his arm asleep. Kara was pressed into his side as they lay sleeping on the couch. They had spent the entire evening talking and had drifted to sleep. Rick shifted to move his arm from under him and endured the blood flowing back into it as he brushed Kara’s errant curls away from her face. He was falling for her.
    Before he would have stopped himself and moved onto another conquest but she was different, not just sexy and intelligent, but level-headed and big-hearted. She was unspoiled and she charmed him. For the first time in six months he thought of his impending divorce. Getting rid of Margot had already taken a year, it looked like it would take much longer to be rid of her.
    Kara shifted and brought him back to her. He sat forward and let her slide full length onto the couch. Her skirt rode high on her thigh and Rick stroked her leg to her hip. He kissed her behind the ear, right below the lobe and he felt her pulse there. He nuzzled further down her neck to the hollow of her throat and there he placed another feather-soft kiss. As he kissed her chin he looked up and saw her eyes blink.
    Rick gathered her into his arms and picked her up.
    “What are you doing?” Kara murmured.
    “Taking you to my bed,” he answered. Rick thought he saw her smile before she buried her head into his throat. He laid her down and stretched out beside of her.

    Kara spread her hands on his chest and began to unbutton his shirt. His blue eyes met her brown ones and they gazed as they piece by piece undressed the other until she lay in a pair of brief silk panties and he in flannel boxer shorts. They reached out to each other only with their mouths, their tongues stroking, hot breath mingling. Heat from their bodies rose and mixed as desire built. She kissed his chin as he kissed her temples, they nuzzled noses and teased with their tongues.
    Kara ran her hand through his chest hair, finding his erect nipples and slid down to capture first one, then the other, in her mouth. Rick’s breathing deepened and they kissed again, harder and stronger, until they pulled away, panting. He ran his tongue down her neck, into the hollow of her throat, between her breasts, then out of the valley toward a heaving nipple. He circled around and felt every tiny bump on her areola before fastening onto the nipple. Kara’s back came off the bed and she moaned, her legs rubbing together.
    Rick took the opportunity and slid onto the other breast then back to her eager mouth. Every kiss became more urgent and drowned them in need. Kara traced a line from his collarbone to his hipbones with her finger and around his waistband, already bulging and distorted from his erection. He murmured to her as she slid down his body, first burying her face into the sable hair on his chest and flicking her tongue along his abdomen.
    A fine sheen of sweat broke out on Rick’s body everywhere she touched. Kara kissed the sensitive hollows of his hips and he bucked and moaned, sitting up on his elbows. She pulled back and looked at him.
    “Lay down,” she commanded, running her nail under his shorts. Rick lowered himself but squirmed as Kara licked at the top of his underwear, catching a drop of pre-cum on her tongue. He felt her fingers searching for the opening and then they were pulling and massaging his balls. When she pulled one through and into her mouth he raised onto his elbows again causing her to stop.
    “I said, lay down.” She smiled at him and he flopped back. Kara pulled the legs of his boxer’s up and ran her tongue along the creases of his legs, then made her way back to his mouth. Rick moaned as his hand slid between her legs. He felt her smile against his mouth as he teased her clit, rubbing silk against her satin skin. Her panties were wet against his stroking fingers, her breath coming in short pants.
    Rick slid down her body breathed hot air onto her muff. He heard her gasp for breath as he peeled the silk away from her body. Her juices flowed as he lapped at her fire hole and sucked her clit. He felt her begin to move and he rolled onto his back as she knelt by his side and tugged his boxers off.
    Kara straddled his shoulders and bent to feast on his swollen dick as he moaned and parted her lips and tasted her juices. She ran her tongue down the huge ridge to his balls and then swallowed as much as she could of his pulsing cock.
    Rick bucked into her mouth and slid first one, then two fingers into her, stroking the slippery satin. A small cry escaped when she again fought for breath and trembled with pleasure. Rick kissed the insides of her legs and then pulled himself up behind her.
    Drawing her back, he kissed up her spine and lifted her hair to kiss the nape of her neck. He gritted his teeth against his own pleasure. Kara rubbed his cock against her slippery heat. She raised onto her knees, looked over her shoulder at Rick and lowered herself onto him.
    Breath hissed through Rick’s teeth as she long stroked him, her tight pussy sliding slowly up and down his cock. The pleasure was intense and he longed to fuck her hard and come deep inside her but he was mesmerized by his dick disappearing into her cunt. He fondled the cheeks of her ass and heard her moan, her snatch tightening on him. She was going to come again. Rick pulled her back on him faster and rubbed her clit, then he was behind her slamming his cock into her.
    Kara came first, balling the bed sheets in her fists, moaning and half screaming and then he came. She felt his cock swell, he growled and the red-hot semen squirted into her. His cock jerked and Rick slammed into her again. Sated, sweating and exhausted they collapsed. He kissed her back and cupped her breast. She looked over her shoulder and then turned into his arms.
    Their mouths sought the other, their tongues speaking words they couldn’t find. He kissed her eyelids and she snuggled into his throat, her breath fanning in the hollow of his collarbone.
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    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    Rainy Day - Chapters 1 & 2

    Sorry, I'm way too tired to fix this tonight.

    Kara Rogers stepped to the curb. She held a small umbrella close to her body as wind and rain whipped down the street. The mild sprinkle from the previous seven blocks had strengthened into a full-blown storm. She squinted through the downpour and saw the top of her office building. The light was beginning to change when a car sped through the intersection, hit a depression in the street and splashed water over the curb.
    Kara could do nothing more than turn her face away. She sent a chain of expletives toward the car as she wiped droplets from her face. Still stunned, she stepped into the street and into the offending puddle, drenching her feet. Groaning aloud, she hurried across the intersection. The rain seemed to be pounding harder and a sudden flash of lightning startled her. Thunder began cracking across the sky and ended with an incredible crash that reverberated through Kara’s body.
    She reached the main doors of her building only to find them locked. Fishing for her keys, a sudden gust of wind flipped her umbrella up. Kara turned the umbrella back into the wind and it reverted to its original shape as she pulled her keys free. She jammed the key in the door and opened it, skidding the foyer. Groaning, she climbed the three flights of stairs to the office.
    Daniel Malone was a solo practitioner and employed Kara as his jack-of-all-trades. She answered the phones, made appointments, handled the finances, transcribed an endless pile of mini-cassettes, wrote memorandums and complaints, filed petitions and motions, and made the best pot of coffee in the city. He trusted her with every aspect of his life. Were it not for her, his wife, Maggie, would not receive a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. Any day he would be called "daddy."
    Kara suspected he may finally make a move to a firm. They did reasonably well but the overhead in the old building, not to mention its location, did not help their business. His business, she reminded herself. She felt like such a part of him it was difficult to separate their lives. Kara was sure that if he went to a firm that she would be unemployed. The big firms kept pools of secretaries to be utilized by their attorneys. They would have no use for her.
    The light blinked on the answering machine and Kara pushed the button as she hung her coat up to dry. Thunder drowned out the first message and she rewound the tape again. It was Agnes Jarboe, the client of clients. Although Agnes could afford a Rolls-Royce, she drove an ancient Volkswagen Beetle that Kara and Dan affectionately called "the Flintstone-mobile." Agnes did not talk, she screeched, mainly about the family she lived to infuriate. This time it was a property dispute with her older brother.
    Kara was trying to wipe her legs off with a paper towel when she heard a deep voice. She jumped and whirled around, a flush creeping up her face. A well-dressed man stood holding a dripping umbrella.
    Richard Ingram could not believe his eyes. It was the woman that he had splashed on the street this morning. Standing with her back to him, she was obviously trying to rectify the damage he had caused. She slid a paper towel up her muscled leg, a dancer’s leg, he thought. Russet ringlets hung from a loose ponytail and he watched mesmerized as she flung them once, twice away from her face.
    "Excuse me." She turned and he could see that she was embarrassed to be caught in her private act. Her smile disarmed him, almost as though she was laughing at herself.
    "Can I help you?" Her voice lilted with a faint southern twang and pecan-colored eyes danced at him. He offered his right hand to her and she accepted it with a firm, confident grip.
    "I’m Rick Ingram. I have an appointment with Dan for 9:00. I believe I’m a little early."
    "I see. I suppose Dan made the appointment because it isn’t on my book."
    Rick nodded, "I spoke to him last night."
    "Oh." She smiled again but it was more guarded than before. She gestured to the chairs beside the door, "He isn’t in yet. Would you like a cup of coffee? I was just getting ready to make some."
    "That would be great. Thanks." She nodded and grabbing her paper towels, retreated to the back of the office. Rick took the opportunity to look around. The office was neat but needed a serious make-over. He was used to mahogany desks and oak facings not broken tiles and Formica. The top of Dan’s secretary’s desk was peeling and the computer looked to be at least five years old. His staff worked on the newest models. Rick noticed a nameplate. Her name was Kara. As the name rolled around his mind, the door burst open, startling him.
    An older woman wearing a yellow slicker and a tattered hat stood in the doorway. Her hair was iron gray and what wasn’t covered stuck out at odd angles.
    "Where’s Kara?" The woman’s voice sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard.
    Rick was ready to answer when Kara, alerted by the voice, walked from the back on bare feet. She smiled at the older woman. They made an odd coupling. Kara, tall and thin with an impish grin on her face and the other woman, short and squat, scowling from under the hat’s crumpled brim.
    "Good morning, Mrs. Jarboe."
    "I don’t see what’s good about it. Damn weather makes my rheumatism flare up," she rubbed her generous rump with her hand, "and my feet are wet from all the water laying in the streets."
    "Yes, Ma’am, my feet are fairly soaked as well. What can I help you with?"
    Rick liked her style. She was calm, quiet and professional and didn’t back down when Mrs. Jarboe insisted on seeing Dan. Kara reiterated the need for Mrs. Jarboe to make an appointment and gestured toward Rick as proof that Dan was busy for the morning. Mrs. Jarboe groused for a few moments longer and then stated she would call the following day. Kara saw her out the door then turned on her heel and went into the back again. She returned with two steaming mugs of coffee, still barefoot.
    "We don’t have any cream or sugar. Dan and I drink our’s black."
    "This is fine. One of your more colorful clients I presume?"
    "Yes, although Mrs. Jarboe is quite loyal." She sipped her coffee and then placed it on a mug warmer. Rick took his first sip.
    "This is excellent coffee. Where did you get this?"
    Kara looked up from her computer which was trying to boot up.
    "Piggly-Wiggly. It’s not the coffee. It’s the way it’s made that makes the difference."
    "Oh, is it a secret?"
    "Yes." She looked at her computer as another roll of thunder hit the office. The lights blinked twice then stayed off.
    Kara had tried to quiet her quaking stomach by staying with her routine of messages and coffee. "The" Rick Ingram was sitting in the office. She had no doubt now that Dan was looking for a firm. Ingram, Sutton and Johnson were one of the biggest personal injury firms in the city. Dan had attracted some Phen-Fen clients and Ingram, Sutton and Johnson had handled the class action suit. Kara had hand delivered the files to their offices. It reminded her of a museum with its marble, mahogany and art prints.
    Kara could not believe that he had caught her wiping her legs off. Her shoes squished with water as she walked and finally she kicked them off. Rick Ingram or not, she couldn’t stand cold, wet feet.
    She had never met Rick Ingram before but he was certainly something to look at. His shoulders appeared as broad as the door and his salt and pepper hair was brushed away from his face. He reminded her of Michaelangelos’s David, maybe it was the lift of his chin. He was a handsome man.
    Kara heard the door open and Agnes Jarboe demanding to know where she was. How could this morning get any worse? Agnes, for once, was calmer than normal and left without too much of a hassle and Kara was able to return for the coffee.
    When the lights blinked and then stayed off she shoved her chair back in frustration.
    "Shit. I thought this day could not get any worse," she grumbled. Dreary light spilled in from the old windows and shadowed her face.
    "Oh? Has your day been bad?"
    "Well, first my car is in the shop so I decided to walk to work." She went on to relate the remainder of her morning.
    "I have to confess that I believe that I was the one who splashed you this morning. Actually, I’m quite sure. I’m sorry." Kara stayed silent and Rick searched her face for some hint of what was going on in her mind. She smiled and laughed from her stomach.
    "That’s funny."
    Rick smiled, "I will pay for any dry-cleaning. I should have watched where I was going."
    "Oh, no. That’s all right. I have wash and wear specials." Kara almost winced at her own words. She thought it made her look poor and hokey. His impressions of her mattered for one very important reason - employment. The phone rang.
    "Malone Law Office. How can I help you?"
    "Hey there." Dan Malone’s voice resonated through the receiver.
    "Hey. Mr. Ingram is here to see you."
    "Yeah, I know. But Maggie’s in the hospital and it looks like today’s the day."
    "Wow! How long have you been there?"
    Rick watched her smile spread to her eyes and into her voice.
    "About an hour now. She’s been in labor since three this morning. The doctor says it could still be a while. Tell Rick I’ll have to reschedule or you can show him our files and I’ll meet with him later this week. I’m sorry to tell you this way but I’m considering moving to their firm."
    "I figured. I know with the baby and all you probably need a little more stability than what we have here." Kara did not appreciate the way Rick Ingram appeared to have no compunction about listening to her end of the conversation.
    "I have to get back to Maggie but I want you to know I’ll do everything I can to have you come with me. I can’t live without your coffee," he laughed.
    "Sure. You’d better go."
    Dan sensed the change in her and although he wanted to say more he decided it could wait.
    "I’ll call as soon as I can."
    "Well, the electric is out so I’ll be sitting here with my feet on the desk doing nothing." Kara teased him.
    Dan laughed, "I’ll call soon."
    "Tell Maggie good luck from me."
    "I will. Bye."
    "Bye." Maggie placed the receiver in the cradle and looked up at her visitor, "Maggie’s in labor. Dan said I can show you the files or you can reschedule for next week sometime."
    "Does it bother you that he’s considering moving his practice to our office?"
    "Of course it does." Kara snapped the sentence off. Rick drew back from his relaxed pose. She didn’t apologize for her curtness and Rick thought she was justified in her irritation. Dan had mentioned bringing Kara with him. It was obvious she handled every aspect of his practice but Rick and his partners had enough paralegals and secretaries, more than they probably needed.
    "I understand why he’s doing it. I guess I would too if I were in his position."
    "I hope you don’t see me as an enemy Kara. I went to law school with Dan and I always admired his skills. I know that he’s done well for himself but you need money to make money. Overhead on big cases can drain a small firm and that’s what firms need to keep on their feet."
    "You don’t have to justify anything to me. I’m well aware of how much babies cost and I know Dan would rather Maggie stay home with the new addition." Kara wished she could take that statement back. It brought too many memories floating to the surface. Her hopes of her comment being ignored foundered with his next question.
    "You have a child?"
    Kara gritted her teeth, "Joseph was born premature. He only lived a few hours."
    Rick watched her face blush, "That must have been very difficult. I’ve never experienced anything like that."
    "I hope you never do Mr. Ingram. I’d rather not talk about it though. I guess we need to decide whether we’re going over the cases or not." Lightning flashed and rain beat against the windows.
    "It doesn’t look as though it would be a good idea to brave the weather at this point. I would like to go over some of the cases."
    Kara shrugged as if indifferent, "Sure. Can I freshen your coffee?" Rick handed over his mug and she disappeared.
    Rick wished he could take back the end of the previous conversation and wondered how she felt about Dan and Maggie’s new baby. It must be difficult to watch others have what was cruelly taken from you, although she seemed to be genuinely happy and excited for them.
    "Are you ready?" Kara had appeared in the doorway.
    "In here." She leads him into the rear of the office. A small conference room sat at the end of the hallway. It was barely large enough for four people to sit in. Files were already spread on the table. Without delay, Kara sat down and picked the first file up.
    "This is Nathan Angelou. He’s a car wreck case."
    Rick and Kara sat at the tiny table while the storm ebbed and sunshine finally poked its head out of the clouds. The power kicked back on, flooding them with artificial light sometime before 11. The two surfaced from their work right after one o’clock.
    Rick was impressed, not only with the strength of their clientele, but also with Kara’s in-depth knowledge of each client’s personality, where the case was and their projections for settlement. The blouse she wore was tasteful but offered him glimpse after glimpse of the tops of her breasts. The hungrier he became the less he was able to ignore the beautiful distraction. He finally pushed away from the desk.
    "How about some lunch? I’m starved. How many more cases are there?"
    "Fourteen but I’m hungry too." To prove it, Kara’s stomach picked that moment to rumble loudly.
    "Was that thunder I heard?" Rick teased.
    "It’s just that you’re a slave driver." She tossed back with a smile.
    "Giovanni’s is close by. Let’s get out of here while the sun is still shining."
    Kara stood up and Rick followed her through the office. She stopped so suddenly he ran right into her back. He grasped her around the waist to catch her. Rick felt her heat as he steadied her. The electricity surged through him as she turned to look up at him. She was pressed against him and her mouth parted until he could see her tongue slide across the edge of her top teeth. He had the sudden urge to kiss her and bury his hands in the auburn ringlets.
    " I forgot my shoes." Kara pulled away and skirted around him. Rick breathed again. What was he thinking? This was his colleagues’ secretary for God’s sake! It dawned on him that it was his colleague’s secretary and not his. Fair game, he thought.
    Kara chided herself back through the hallway. She thought he was going to kiss her! And she would have let him! She loved talking to him. His knowledge about law surprised her. Some of the attorneys she dealt with probably shouldn’t have graduated from law school, much less passed the bar. His insights were refreshing and she had tried very hard to keep her attention on the files before them. That had been next to impossible.
    Rick’s muscles were gripped by his creamy starched shirt. The humidity had climbed steadily in the office and he had loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt giving her a glimpse of curly sable chest hair. Kara mind had wandered to wondering what it would feel like beneath her hand and several times she pulled herself back from daydreaming to answer one of his pointed questions.
    Kara remembered the feel of his hands on her and blushed. She had noticed that he wasn’t wearing a wedding band. Not liking where her thoughts were going, she mentally shook herself and went to have lunch with him.
    Both being famished, they ordered too much food and then sat looking at the leftovers.
    "I’ll get a to-go box. I can eat two more meals out of this," Kara said. Rick leaned back in his chair as a wave of sleepiness rolled over him.
    "I love Italian but it makes me sleepy in the afternoons."
    "I try not to eat anything too heavy for lunch. The afternoons can get a little dreary if Dan isn’t around." The waiter stopped by and Kara requested a box.
    "Are you ready to finish up?"
    "Sure," Kara replied and stifled a yawn. Rick grinned at her and she thought she had never seen anyone quite as sexy. She liked the way he was cordial with the waiter and had pulled her chair out for her. Kara admired his trim hips as he paid for their meals, waving away her suggestion of "going Dutch." They returned to the office and forced themselves to continue reviewing the cases. At 3:30, the phone rang.
    "Hey! We have a baby boy!"
    Kara wavered. "Congratulations! Is everything o. k.?"
    "Oh yeah. Seven pounds, five ounces, 18 and three-quarter inches long. He’s got a little bit of dark hair. He’s gorgeous Kara, really gorgeous."
    "What did you name him?" Rick watched her and pantomimed his congratulations.
    "If its okay with you, we’d like to name him Christopher Joseph." Tears flooded her eyes and she turned her back to Rick. It took her so long to answer Dan’s worried voice came over the line.
    "I’m sorry Kara."
    "No," she cut in, "I’m thrilled." It came out as a halting whisper through her tightening throat.
    "Rick said to tell you congratulations."
    "Thanks, thanks so much. I’ll talk to you soon."
    "Okay, bye."
    "Bye." Kara returned the phone to its cradle.
    "It’s a boy I gather."
    "Yes." Kara replied softly.
    "What did they name him?"
    "‘Christopher’ what?" Rick prodded.
    "Joseph." The barely whispered word hung between them. Rick looked away while she wiped tears off her cheeks.
    "If you don’t mind, maybe you and Dan can finish these later."
    Disappointment jumped in him. "I don’t see a need to finish. You have more than briefed me on the cases. A few more isn’t going to make a difference." He wished she would turn around.
    "I promised myself when the baby came that I would take time off and go shopping. I’ve been saving for this moment for six months." She continued like he needed an explanation.
    "I had 250 saved but my car is going to eat up a 100 of that. I’ll have to skip the flowers."
    "Flowers for Maggie?"
    Kara whirled around and gave him a questioning look.
    "Who else would I buy flowers for?" Rick realized he had misjudged her. He thought she was talking about shopping for herself. Some people drowned their sorrows in booze, others in shopping.
    "I’ll take care of that." He picked the phone up and dialed.
    "June, Rick here. I need you to order some flowers for me, a nice bouquet for a new mother. I need it sent to Maggie, or rather, Margaret Malone at, oh, hold on," he covered the mouthpiece.
    "What hospital?"
    "St. Marks."
    "What room?"
    Kara shrugged and he turned back to the phone.
    "Call St. Marks and get the room number. Spare no expense June, these flowers are for Dan Malone’s wife. Oh, and have the card say ‘Kara and Rick’. Kara with a ‘K’. Thanks." After hanging up he found Kara studying him.
    "I suppose you’ll want to go shopping with me next."
    "Would you mind?"
    Kara tried to appear nonchalant.
    "Not at all."
    Kara grabbed her things, put the phone on night ring and followed Rick to his car.
    "Yep, this is the offending automobile."
    Rick looked over the top of the car at her observation.
    "She promises to watch where she is going." Kara settled back in the leather seats. The Mercedes made her eight-year-old Cavalier look like a Yugo. She imagined Dan trading in his Wagoneer for one of these. It drove so smooth she barely realized they were moving.
    "Where to?"
    "The outlets. I’ll get more bang for my buck out there." Rick grimaced.
    "The outlets?"
    "Yes," Kara eyed him unappreciatively, "what’s wrong with the outlets?"
    "At the risk of sounding like a snob, I hate the outlets."
    "You do sound like a snob. Are you too good for them?"
    "I spent enough time at the outlets when I was a kid. I swore if I could afford it I’d never go back."
    "I thought your dad helped start Ingram, Sutton and Johnson."
    "He did but that doesn’t mean I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth." Kara watched the muscles clench in his jaw.
    "I didn’t say you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth."
    "You might as well have."
    "Why does it upset you that I think you’re rich? You don’t really go out of your way to hide it. You wear tailored clothes, drive an expensive car and I bet you have a membership to an expensive gym to keep those impressive biceps pumped up." She could tell she was infuriating him. A blast of color had risen above his neckline.
    "I guess you’re right. I don’t try to hide my wealth."
    "So where are you taking me?"
    "I’m now in the mood to take you home but I don’t know where you live so you’ll just have to come to the mall with me."
    "Are my biceps really impressive?"
    "Just drive." They didn’t speak again until he slid the Mercedes into a spot at Briarwood Mall.
    "I’m sorry. I misjudged you. I hate it when people do it to me." Rick grasped her white flag.
    "I jump to conclusions myself. Let’s just have fun spending money."
    She flashed him a wide smile, "Let’s go."
    They spend the remainder of the afternoon hopping from store to store, arguing over prices and what they should buy. Kara gushed over a beautiful seersucker outfit then pouted when she saw the price tag of 50 dollars.
    "Geez, I could buy ten of these at the outlet mall."
    "They don’t have those at the outlet mall. Get it."
    "No, it’s too expensive." Rick plucked it from her fingers.
    "It’s not now." Kara didn’t know whether to laugh or smack him. "Enjoy it. It’s not about you anyway."
    Finally they settled on a bench outside Eddie Bauer. Rick had stuffed his tie in one of the bags, his jacket slung over the back of the chair and cuffs shoved up on his arms. Kara kicked her shoes off.
    "Are you ready for dinner?"
    "Yes, dinner. Once again you have succeeded in starving me."
    Kara didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t remember when she’d had so much fun.
    "I’d like that."
    "How about Russell’s?" Russell’s was an upscale steakhouse on Shriver’s Boulevard. She had never been there.
    "My mouth is already watering." They stashed their purchases in the trunk of the Mercedes. Rick lowered the top and night air sifted through Kara’s hair. The parking lost was almost full but they found a spot in the last row.
    The waiting area was standing room only. The harried hostess placed their name on a list and then mentioned there were a few places left in the bar area. Rick looked down at Kara and she nodded. Grasping her hand, he lead her through the throng of people, found two seats at the bar, and helped her into one. The bartender came over and asked for their drink order.
    "Red wine, burgundy if you have it."
    The bartender nodded, "and for you Miss?"
    "I’ll have the same," the bartender walked away, "I haven’t had a glass of wine forever."
    "They say it’s good for you in small doses."
    "I think everything is good in small doses."
    The stool made her dress ride up on her legs and Rick studied her muscled thighs.
    Kara followed his eyes and realized what he was staring at.
    "Like what you see?" Rick startled at being caught and Kara bursts out laughing as the bartender reappeared with their drinks.
    "Are you ready to order?" Kara snatched up a menu as Rick took great interest in his. They decided on rib-eyes marinated in a Jack Daniels’ barbeque sauce, medium well, with twice-baked potatoes and grilled vegetables. Rick ordered another wine for dinner and Kara decided on a beer. They tore into a mini-loaf of fresh baked bread. Both reached for the heel.
    "Don’t tell me you’re trying to take my heel." Kara’s hand stopped midair.
    "You like the heel too?"
    "My favorite part of the bread."
    "Good thing there’s two of them." Rick caught the twinkle in her eye and sliced the other end of the loaf.
    "So," Kara said through a mouthful of bread, "you know about my interesting clients, I’m sure you have some war stories." Rick was sharing an anecdote about one of his first criminal cases, an overdue parking ticket, when dinner arrived.
    "Why did you become an attorney?"
    "Actually, I wanted to be an architect. I was working as a gopher at the firm and I watched my dad argue a case. I decided then I wanted to be a lawyer. What about you?"
    "I’ve wanted to work in law my entire life. I never could decide what part. I got my Criminal Justice degree and worked in a prison for a while until a job opened in parole."
    "Where was this?"
    "In Georgia. I dealt with the same people mainly. Then I moved here, I met Dan and I’ve been with him ever since."
    "How did you meet?"
    "I was applying at the Courthouse, he overheard our conversation and offered me a job on the spot."
    "That was luck."
    "Maggie called it karma. I called it desperation. He was desperate for a secretary. I was desperate for a job."
    By the time they stood to leave, Kara decided she had one too many beers and forced herself to walk steadily out of Russell’s to Rick’s car. He could tell she was tipsy.
    "Are you okay?"
    "Yeah, just haven’t drunk that much in a while."
    "You barely had two beers."
    "And a glass of wine. The air is cool and that makes me feel better."
    "Where do you live?"
    "209 East 42nd."
    "You walked from East 42nd Street this morning?"
    "I thought it would be good for me."
    "You’re a brave woman."
    "Or foolhardy."
    They found a spot to park almost in front of the building.
    "I’ll help you with the bags."
    "You don’t have to do that."
    "Yes, I do." They each grabbed a handful and Kara lead him through the front door, into the elevator and pushed four. She stopped outside of 4A, stuck the key in and turned it and the doorknob.
    Cold air flowed out and three meowing cats descended on them.
    "Hello babies," Kara cooed to them, "you can set those down there." Rick deposited the bags next to the door and then closed it. The apartment was sparsely furnished. An overstuffed chair sat before a TV with an antenna. A set of folding wooden tables in a rack sat against a wall. The plants made the living room utterly charming.
    Ivies hung from the ceiling. Cacti, mini-roses and a several other types of plants sat on a highly polished oak floor, on wooden plant holders and in baskets around the room.
    He followed the sound of her voice into a glaring white kitchen with oak doors and facings. She was trying to reach a bowl in the upper part of the cabinet and Rick admired the shapely calves as she stood on her tiptoes. Kara carried on a litany with her felines as her outstretched arm threw her breast into repose.
    "Let me get that." Rick advanced and she stepped away. He grasped a bowl and handed it to her. A large grey cat with yellow eyes stared at him from the counter top.
    "That’s Stormy. He’s the alpha male around here." As Rick reached out, Stormy tilted his head and rubbed against his hand. The bowl clattered as she placed it on the floor and Stormy lost interest in being petted. Two almost identical black and white cats began lapping milk from the white flat bowl.
    "That’s Cleo and Rio. They came from the same litter."
    "This is a really nice place. I love your plants."
    "My second love, gardening. Maybe I’ll be the Martha Stewart of law someday." She turned and put the milk back in the refrigerator.
    "Could I use your bathroom?"
    "Oh sure, it’s down the hallway, first door on the right."
    The light was on the right-hand side and as he flipped it on he was once again assaulted by pure white and oak. Nothing hung on the shower curtain, and a tasteful brass and flower ensemble hung on the wall beside the mirror. He met her in the hallway. A small closet door stood open and she tossed her shoes inside. Kara closed it and stood with her back to it.
    She wasn’t sure what she wanted to happen. All she knew was that she didn’t want the day to end.
    Rick clasped his hands together, "I guess I’d better go."
    "Yeah, you have a whole day to make up tomorrow. I had a really good time today."
    "Me too." Neither of them moved. A furry body rubbed against Rick’s leg and he looked down into green eyes. It was either Cleo or Rio.
    "That’s Cleo." She answered the unspoken question.
    "She’s pretty, like her owner." Kara didn’t think she breathed for a full minute. She only stared up at him, even as he moved closer and pulled the scrunchie from her hair. She drew a sharp breath as his hand slid down the side of her face.

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    Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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    Monday, November 15, 2004

    Chapter Two - Part One

    "Hey, Nanon, did you hear me?" Nanon stifled a yawn and turned.

    "I’m sorry Jamie. My mind is a little preoccupied."

    They were sitting in the day room of the rehabilitation facility waiting for Dr. Farben.

    "Well, I just asked what you thought the first thing you might do is when they take your cast off?"

    "Given how it smells, I think I’ll want to put my arm in water and wash all the dead skin and funk off of it."

    "Yeah, casts can get pretty rank."

    Nanon yawned. She had not had a good night’s sleep since the accident. Every position became uncomfortable, if not intolerable, in a short period of time. Not sleeping in her own bed for seven weeks was fast becoming intolerable too. She hoped when she got her arm freed up that they would let her go home.

    "You think they’ll let me go home when I get this cast off?"

    "Oh," Jamie ran a hand through his hand, making it stand on end, "I’m not an ortho so I’m not even going to try and predict what Niels will do."

    Sighing, Nanon replied, "Me either." She shifted in the wheelchair. If he did not hurry she was going to have to give up and lay down. Every day she endeavored to stay in the chair a little longer. Even with a bum arm, she wheeled herself around the unit. Now she sat in a patch of sunshine, watching the wind blow the last of the leaves along the ground and she remembered the leaves had just changed when the accident happened.

    "You know," Jamie interrupted her silent musings, "we’re going to be able to help you out with that." He gestured toward her left leg, still encased in its shrine of steel. Dr. Farben had performed a small miracle in at least keeping it attached to the rest of her body. Evidently, the leg did not feel the same way because it refused to cooperate in the healing and strengthening process. Nanon shifted again and realized she was running out of positions.

    "I know Jamie," she tried to smile at him but the pain was beginning to become unbearable.

    "Do you need to go back to your room?" He nodded towards the hallway.

    "I think so," she grinned, "I’m just about done for the day."

    She let him wheel her back to her room, which was unusual and as she passed the nurses’ desk, one handed her a little cup with painkillers in it.

    "I’m becoming a fucking drug addict." Nanon hated to admit how much she needed the little "pills of pleasure," as she called them.

    "You’ll be okay Nanon."

    "If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me that in the last seven weeks, I would a very rich woman."

    Jamie laughed. She did appreciate his company, although at first he had been so nervous he was more of a nuisance. An orderly appeared to help her into the bed and once she was settled, with grimacing and deep breaths, she took the painkillers and leaned back on the pillows.

    "One drug-induced sleep, coming right up," she quipped.

    "Well, I’m going back over to the lab."

    "Thanks for coming by Jamie. Tell Mike and James I said hello."

    "Sure will. See ya."


    As she listened to his footsteps, she closed her eyes as the nausea flowed over her. All she could do was lay very still and breath because to cry only made it hurt worse. After a while, she felt her muscles relaxing and she sunk a little deeper into the pillows. That’s how John found her.
    Nanon’s eyes fluttered open when she heard his steps. She smiled.

    "Hi babe," he bent down and kissed her.


    "Oh, someone’s had their medicine."

    "Yeah," she laughed. He pulled her hand to his mouth and kissed it.

    "I see Dr. Farben hasn’t made it here yet."

    "No," she shook her head and looked up at him, "do you think he’ll let me go home after he takes the cast off?"

    John turned to hide the smile on his face, "I don’t know."

    Squeezing his hand, Nanon said, "Oh yes you do, John Grenada. Look at me and let me see if you’re lying."

    "He is lying. He does know," said Dr. Farben from the doorway. Nanon rolled her head to look at him.

    "Please tell me I’m going home."

    Neils Farben smiled, a rarity, and said, "You’re going home."

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    Wednesday, November 10, 2004

    Chapter One - Part Two of Two

    "You’ll never guess who’s in three."


    "John Grenada with that physicist that got hit by the car. He was here all night."

    "All night?"

    "Yes, he never moved from that chair."

    "Since when, I wonder, has she been fucking him for a raise?"

    Mike stepped around the corner.

    "I would think in an Intensive Care Unit that you ladies would have something to do other than engage in petty gossip."

    The nurses blushed and one spoke up.

    "I was just getting ready to give report."

    "It sounds like it," Mike replied, "I’m assuming Ms. Peche’s chart is available for my review."

    "Well, actually I need the chart to give report." the dark-haired nurse gestured to the desk.

    Mike picked it up and flipped up the metal cover, "Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait."

    He gave both a leveling gaze and turned toward Room 3, then stopped and turned.

    "Oh, and for the record," both nurses looked at him and he smiled, "Nah, never mind, you don’t deserve to know."

    Turning, he went into Room 3. John was slumped in a chair, a shadow along his chin, matching those under his eyes.

    "Hey," Mike nudged him. His eyes came open, confused for a moment, then he slid up in the chair.


    "You know, were you not Co-Administrator this would have been such a big no-no. This is still a hospital and still an Intensive Care Unit."

    "Fuck you."

    "No, I doubt you’re any good."

    John cracked a grin.

    "Let’s take a look at the lady here."

    "Niels was in earlier."

    Mike looked over at him.

    "I’m not surprised. The man never sleeps," he looked at the chart, "looks like she rested pretty well."

    "She woke up a few times but just, you know, in and out."

    Leaning against the bed, Mike turned to him.

    "The nurses are talking."

    "Let them talk," John answered, picking at a small hole in his jeans, "I asked her to marry me again and she finally said yes," he sat back in the chair, "and I’m going out the door to buy a ring," he rocked in the chair, "and I get a call from the ER," he leaned back and ran his hands through his hair.

    "Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?" he went on, not waiting for an answer, "Fifteen years. Fifteen years almost shot to hell because some cokehead blows a red light and breaks my fiancé into a 100 pieces."

    Rubbing his nose, Mike said, "It was more like 20 pieces, but who’s counting, right?"

    John chuckled, "You fucker."

    "Twenty pieces?"

    They both jumped and looked Nanon.

    Mike bent over her, "Hey girl. Welcome back."

    "Hey, " she whispered, blue eyes searching over his left shoulder. Mike moved aside and let John next to her. She tried moving her left hand towards him but it was tied to a block along with several IVs.


    "Yeah, baby?" He put his hand over her’s.

    "What happened?"

    "You were hit by a car at five corners, " John replied, "Do you remember?"

    Nanon’s eyes closed and she shook her head.

    "I don’t know. Hurts, God it hurts," she whispered as tears fell from the corners of her eyes. She drew in a shaky breath and Mike could see the pain overtake her face and hands as the rest of her began to shake too.

    "Its okay. You have a right to hurt," Mike touched her right foot.

    "Can you feel that Nanon?" She opened her eyes and closed them again but nodded. She tossed a little and moaned.

    "Try not to move too much honey. You’ve got broken ribs and," John blew out a breath, "more than a few other things."

    Gritting her teeth, Nanon moaned again and more tears leaked from her eyes. John rubbed her hand as she broke down, her body hitching, and she sucked in a breath of air, tensing, almost screaming.

    "Okay, let’s get you calmed down a little," Mike said, leaning over, he pushed a button on the morphine pump. He did not realize he was also shaking until he pulled his hand back. They watched as Nanon relaxed and slid into a forced peacefulness, as though her body fought her mind, which fought her body. To escape the pain meant giving up consciousness for a while; she would learn that all too soon.

    Drawing a breath, Mike eyed her left leg in its wire cage. It looked good, swollen, but not too much.

    "What did Niels say about her leg?" John did not answer. He sat staring at Nanon, rubbing his thumb over her hand.

    "J.G.?" John turned and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands.

    "Jesus, I am beat."

    "Yep, you need to go home and get some rest. You know the drill, man. You can’t help her unless you’re okay yourself."

    "I know, but I’m all she has."

    Mike contemplated that statement before answering, "John, she has us too. I bet if you asked Jamie Plomme he’d be down here in a heartbeat to sit with her."

    "Jamie Plomme? Dear God could you imagine waking up to that?" John and Mike burst out laughing and Nanon flinched. John covered her hand, soothing her again.

    "Shit man, I know I need a shower and some food."

    Mike started toward the door, "Well, let’s go."

    Waving him on, John said, "Be there in a minute."

    Mike nodded and stepped out the door into the nursing area. The two nurses he had left before were still waiting for him.

    "Here you go ladies," he handed them the chart. The dark-haired nurse sneered at him. He raised his eyebrows and grinned.

    "Its about time. I’m late leaving the floor," she said then turned as she heard John’s voice. He was talking to the charge nurse and then came over to them.

    "I’m going home for a bit. My number is on the chart. If my fiancee’ wakes up, I’d like to know."

    Both nurses stared at him for a moment before the dark-haired nurse said, "Fiancé?"

    "Yes, my fiancé."

    Stepping forward the heretofore silent blonde nurse said, "I’ll make sure to call you if anything happens, Mr. Grenada."

    "I appreciate that and I know she’s in good hands."

    Mike smiled at the floor and when he raised his head he caught the eye of the Unit Clerk who was also smiling. A blush crept up her face and then she dipped behind the desk but Mike had caught her name tag: Violet.

    "Hey, Mike, you coming?"

    "Yeah, I’m coming." He turned and walked away with John. Sneaking a glance back, he saw Violet watching him from the desk

    Nanon shivered. Why was it so cold? She tried to pull the covers over her but she could not find them. Her mind felt thick and heavy. Every shiver made her bones ache until she clinched her teeth. Why was she so cold? She felt like she was swimming through slushy ice water, trying to make sense of the sounds. Burning spread through her leg and she shivered again. Sounds swirled above her, like a record playing backwards.

    "Its bad... infection in the bone."

    "... gotten worse... two fasciotomies."

    "May have to amputate... infection is deep."

    It must be bad, she thought, if they are thinking of amputating. Nanon’s inner eye opened and swam through the fog. Oh God, they’re talking about me. They’re talking about me! I’m so cold. Why am I so cold? Fever, I have a fever, they said I had an infection, I have a fever, that’s why I’m cold. I have to open my eyes. I have to tell them no.

    A scream welled inside of her. It escaped as a deep moan and she tried again to pull the covers over her but she could not move her arms. She thrashed her shoulders feeling her broken ribs grind together. Her teeth chattered and she forced her eyes to open.

    "Nanon? Nanon?" John, its John, she thought. Where is he? She could not focus her eyes and turning her head hurt. His face appeared and she tried to say his name but she did not have the strength.

    "Nanon, they have to take you back to surgery. Your leg is infected," John said, cupping her face with his hands, "You’re going to be okay."

    Nanon let her eyes slide closed. John, don’t leave me, she thought and then she knew nothing.

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    Leese, I haven't given up and I need to stop by and read your new chapters!!!

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